Practice Safe
Medication Management

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    Math for Health Professionals
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    ​Dosage (drug) Calculations
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    ​​​'Rights​' of Administration
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    Critical thinking medication safety exercises

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Prac+Safe: A realistic and simulated training environment...


Move the plunger in the syringe to give the right dose

IV Pumps

Safely administer IV infusions using photorealistic IV pumps

Tablet & Capsules

Give the patient the correct dose by moving tablets from the blister pack into the cup

Oral Medicines

Use simulated syringes and move the plunger to give the right dose

Infusion Rates

Learn to set the correct infusion rate - exactly as you would on a real ward

Syringe Drivers

Correctly calculate and then interact with simulated Nursing tools such as syringe drivers

Medication Orders

Check the medication order to ensure it is correct

Right Time

Check the time to ensure the patient is receiving the medicine at the right time

Check Medicines

Ensure you give the right medicines and that they are in date

Right Patient

Check patient identifiers and ensure you are gving medicines to the right patient

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