Prac+Safe for Training Institutions (Higher Education)

Prac+Safe was designed by nursing clinicians and is targeted at improving fundamental skills in math, medication (drug) calculations, ‘rights’ of administration and critical thinking to improve medication safety outcomes at an individual and organizational level.

Med+Safe is ideal for:

Training Institutions include Universities, Colleges and Private Training Facilities. Licenses offer the following key benefits:

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    Teachers no longer need to write or mark tutorials or assessments or prepare classroom resources
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    All students have 24/7/365 access to Prac+Safe
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    Students can access practice questions, learning materials and assessments
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    Assessments are automatically created and marked
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     Simulates real clinical workflow reinforcing correct, safe practice
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    Comprehensive student reporting allows training institutions to measure compliance at any time
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    Non-compliant students can be identified quickly and easily and followed up for further training
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    Comprehensively covers the following areas:
    Math for Clinicians
    Drug Calculations
    ‘Rights’ of Administration
    Critical thinking medication safety exercises

Wh​at You'll Be Learning

What does the actual course content look like? Watch this video to get a sample of the course content and how the lessons will be laid out.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

What Lecturers and Professors That Use Med+Safe Say


As a clinician and educator I strongly recommend IntelliLearn

“I have used Med+safe for over three years now. The program is easy to access and intuitive. The office and technical support are national and answers are quickly forthcoming. The company has a very personalized approach. IntelliLearn keeps abreast of current changes in the industry, seeks the advice of clinicians and supports national and global safe practice guidelines. An important aspect of the program is that it is not just focused on calculations. Research has shown the medication errors related to gaps in safe practice – that is that students do not read the order carefully, cannot use the equipment (pumps, syringes etc.) and do not follow the five rights of medication management. IntelliLearn Med+safe has practice sessions and tests that take these aspects of medication management into account.

I first came in contact with the IntelliLearn Program Med+safe there years ago. At that time I was working with a University that had the program embedded in the Undergraduate Nursing Course. Students purchased Med+Safe which lasted them for the three years of their Batchelor of Nursing Course. The students were advised of the assessment items that they must complete and the certificates that they received they had to upload onto their BB system as proof of successful completion. For the final years the University ran medication calculation tests under exam conditions. IntelliLearn supported this process giving the university access to the Med+safe program to run the examinations over several days. The students were familiar with the format and could concentrate on the questions and correct answers. The format supports equity among the students in teaching and learning.

Moving to a new university who currently did not use the IntelliLearn Program Med+safe program I suggested that we get in contact with the team for IntelliLearn. They responded quickly, visited the university and presented the program. Med+safe is now a required learning resource. The students can practice the maths for clinician, medication rights, calculations and test themselves. The university is hoping to move to online testing. Students have expressed satisfaction with the program and stated that it made them feel more comfortable and competent with medication management.

As a clinician and educator I strongly recommend IntelliLearn Med+safe for students and experienced practitioners. We can never be safe enough with medications in our practice.”

Dr Sara Geale , Director of Clinical Education

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